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Shop Notes

Nathanael Roney is an artist living and working in Asheville, NC. He draws, designs and writes words and pictures with ideas. This place is to make space to purchase those works most compatible with the efficiencies of his operating an online shop.

On Artwork

This is an expression of artworks most readily available for trade, and considered so on the basis of physical durability and distributive purpose. There are many other artworks that on the basis of those considerations are limited in a way to constitute the majority of his living inventory. A selection of those artworks are regularly featured and available for purchase in the arcade gallery of The Mothlight in West Asheville, and across a number of galleries and markets each year. The artist is available for commissioned work as well. A collection of video work can be found here.

On Shipping

The artist is a pedestrian, and is aware cost is wrapped with access to interpretations of convenience. If you live in the Asheville area or plan to be visiting, and would care to pickup works in person, please enter LOCALPICKUP when checking out to save shipping costs. Opportunities to do so will be made by appointment and allowed up to three days after purchase to schedule.